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Inexpensive Backgammon Sets - from Backgammon Shop

Standard Deluxe Backgammon Set
The cheapest backgammon sets anywhere. Ideal for beginners or for travelling.
Available in 3 sizes.
Small backgammon boards: $14.40
Medium backgammon boards: $20.80
Large backgammon boards: $24.00

Precision Dice
Available in three sizes, ball corner transparent
price $8.40 each (free air mail postage).

New exciting range of mother-of-pearl checkers.
5 sizes and 10 colours.
prices from $20.80 for set of 15
(suitable for draughts and many other board games)

Backgammon Shop -
for all your backgammon needs

Backgammon Shop is probably the world's largest supplier of backgammon products. European based games company, online ordering, pictures of everything for backgammon players, backgammon directors, backgammon retailers and wholesalers. Backgammon products include, strategy books, out-of-print books, simulation software, boards, dice and more. After having serviced Danish players for more than 10 years, we opened a branch on the net in 1998. With our long experience, we are able to supply high quality equipment to players, and also to organisers and the retail trade. We also supply turnkey backgammon tournaments worldwide.

Amazon XXL Table and Table-Top backgammon sets.

Amazon XXL - elegant black tournament backgammon sets, with luxury checkers. Available in 2 models - table top and table.
prices $220 and $360.

Amazon XXL Backgammon Table
Width 27.5", Breadth 28.5", Height 30.75".
Weight 16.5 pounds.

Amazon XXL Table Top (Not shown)
Width 27.5", Breadth 28.5".
Weight 9 pounds.

Snowie 4 professional - backgammon software
Now stronger than ever - can you beat it?
price $380 (free air mail postage).

Over 90 titles of new and out-of-print
backgammon books and magazines
Latest publications:
Wind Assisted by Chris Bray (2010)
Backgammon Problems by Mike Corbett (Late 2007)
Second Wind by Chris Bray (June 2007)
Classic Backgammon Revisited - Revised 2nd. Edition by Jeremy Bagai (Dec 2005)
Backgammon Praxis - volumes 1 and 2 by Marty Storer (May 2005)
Backgammon Boot Camp by Walter Trice (June 2004)



Backgammon Shop,
Opening times: 24 hours, every day of the year offers the widest range of backgammon items in the world. Backgammon is our speciality, so for all your backgammon needs - visit .

Should you find that something is missing (products, info, functions etc.) please do let us know - we would be very grateful for any input from you. After all - you are the customer; and you should expect to be satisfied.

Few people in the world can claim the same expertise regarding backgammon, as the people behind Backgammon Shop. Chris Ternel is the manager of Backgammon Shop and you should not hesitate to ask him for advice. He knows all there is to know about backgammon items.

Please note that for (almost) all our backgammon boards, you can get spare checkers, dice, and cups if needed. We all know the frustrating experience of having of nice backgammon set, which turns almost useless because one lousy checker is lost - not with Backgammon Shop !

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